Aleksandra Trpkovska

Why did I, Aleksandra Trpkovska, decide to start PainFreetoCollege?

I arrived in the United States 15 days before I started 9th grade. From Bilingual English classes to AP English and a scholarship to Georgetown, one could say I figured out the process quickly. Since my parents couldn't help me, I had no choice. I did learn a lot in the process and will share those things with you. Today, as a mother, I hope to positively re-shape the admissions experience for all who work with me and my team. Over the years, I have learned that the best way to establish what I or my PainFreeToColege team, what we do is to define clearly what we don't do....because we feel that would be unethical or it would not let you grow.  

What are my qualifications?

On the educational front, I'm a double -Hoya graduate with two degrees from Georgetown: a BA degree in Goverment (major: International Affairs, minor: Economics) and a MA degree in Business Administration. While attending Georgetown, I received certificates in Russian and Eastern European Studies and Marketing. I also obtained a Summer Business Program Certificate and Deans Award from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University. On the professional front, I have 17+ years of experience spanning numerous industires, including Managment Consulting, Education ( Kaplan GMAT instructor, Macomb Community College tutor for Math and Science, etc.) hospitality and retail. A mom of two little kids, and secretly hoping they, too, become Hoya graduates, but I'm content as long as they are happy and enjoy their multitude of talents and gifts! I have also served on two Boards of Directors for non-profits. My students have been accepted to their dream schools, including Ivy League schools. I have worked with students at both undergraduate and graduate level, particulary MBA admission to help them prepare for admission to their dream schools. PainFreeToCollege team is looking forward to working together and help you achieve your dreams.  

We will never draft or write an essay for you.

Instead, we will show you how to approach essay writing. It is different and it will leave you a skill which matters in college and life after. We offer detailed feedback on essays, depending on the solution you invest in, but incorporating the feedback and edits will be your role.  

We will never fill out a college application for you

Instead, we simplify the process for you, give you tools, and show you skills, which will prepare you for the many applications you will fill out over your lifetime (for internships, schoolarships, graduate schoold, jobs etc.).

We will not draft you interview responses.

Instead, we will help you learn and practice the skills for successful interviewing. Interviewing is such an important life skill: almost all jobs, internships and some scholarship require it. We show you how to prepare, draft your own responses, and depending on the solution you invest in, offer you a mock interview, with detailed feedback on your interviewing approach - from your answers, to your posture. This list is not exhaustive.   If you are hoping we do something for you, check with us before making an investment.  

We want to make sure that we are a match.


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