A Step-by-Step Guide to College Admission and Life Success


The Pain-Free to College

Publisher: Create Space

Editor: Lauren Cates Ransome

Available in: Paperback and Kindle

ISBN: 978-1974482863

Published: September 27, 2017

Aleks’ refreshing perspective is meant to awaken us. This is not the first time our sons or daughters, and it certainly won’t be the last time, when they:
  • Fill out an application. 

    From summer jobs to full-time jobs, from scholarship applications to graduate school admission – applications are here to stay. If you understand the parts of an application, the information you need before we fill it out, and the organization skills to maintain those skills, for life, you will succeed in life.
  • Write an essay. 

    Even mathematics majors will likely have a literature requirement and possibility even a required thesis paper to graduate. How about the persuasive cover letters that accompany a resume for an internship, a scholarship or a job application? Writing can be as easy as speaking, and Aleks shows you how to simplify and write winning essays.
  • Create a résumé. 

    A résumé is a living document of one’s experiences, so every time you create a new academic or professional experience, you should add it to your résumé. Parents can also benefit of the template, and reinforcing the habit that résumés need to stay current, and not just dusted-off at job-search time.
  • Manage a calendar. 

    A calendar will remind you to show up to all of the things that you think are important or interesting enough. Showing up makes a difference. Missing deadlines for things/events you’d enjoy is like missing out on life. Adopt good scheduling and organization habits today to succeed in life.
  • Have an interview. 

    This may be the introduction to a life long practice of introductions, interviews and elevator speeches.  Interviewing is a skill that is practiced. Because we change and grow, our stories always change.  Life success depends on our ability to communicate who we are, what we stand for (values), what we have achieved and what we would like to achieve (goals).
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