Feeling the Heat – 5 Tips To Regain Focus NOW

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If you are a student stressing over essays or re-taking the SATs/ACTs or a parent anxious about financing college, here are the top five tips for how to regain focus and do your best..

1. Take a deep breath (the brain needs the oxygen!) or maybe even yawn (Neuroscience proved this is the fastest way to hack mental stress and focus! Check out this post https://goo.gl/LfQPpW based on Mark Waldman’s research).

2. Keep a healthy perspective. Remember that “acceptance” is a two way street. The school can offer you admission, but you will ultimately decide which school to enroll into. It’s key that you remember this, because it can often feel like you are “selling yourself” to the schools. You don’t need to sell. You need to CELEBRATE who you are. You’ve worked hard and you are about to graduate! You (and your parents) should be very proud! Why share this? Because winning essays that ooze with passion and self-confidence vs. fear and desperation.

3. Get informed. “If you are afraid, learn more about it.” is a saying from Daniel Tiger which my son repeats when he is scared. That’s an awesome life skill to learn for life! I cover the entire admissions process in my Amazon #1 Bestseller: The Pain-Free Path To College, which you can read instantly as a kindle, and I wrote it with the idea of simplifying the process. Additionally, if there is a hot topic you want me to write/speak about, email me back at Aleks@PainFreeToCollege.com. I personally read every email.

4. Manage your calendar. With various deadlines (studying for standardized tests, taking the tests, applying for admission and financial aid, tracking responses from schools), it can be too much. Put all key dates on your tracker or calendar and work backwards. Put sleep/rest on the schedule and honor that time.

Note: Getting organized and staying organized is a life success skill. I have 3 chapters on this topic in my book, and I highly encourage you to do those exercises step-by-step.

5. Ask for help. Your community is full of people who can help through the college admission journey. From parents, guidance counselors and teachers, friends’ siblings who just started college, a parent’s work colleague, to us at PF2C – you are NOT alone, so don’t do it alone.

If you are inspired, please share or comment. Would love to hear your takeaways, successes and challenges.
I’m here to serve, so let me know how I can serve YOU best.

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