The Right Way to Invest for College

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We recently asked friends, how much have they spent on their own or their children’s education… before college. You see, we have invested a lot in ourselves until we go to college. Here are some examples:

• Music classes ($80 per month or $720 per year or $7,200 over 10 years!)
• Tutors ($45 per hour or $90 per week which becomes $3,600 per year (40 weeks) or $36,000 over 10 years!)
• Daycare or nanny (Average of $2,000 per month or $24,000 per year, for the first 5 years of our kids’ lives, totaling $120,000 before they start kindergarten!)
• Standardized Test Prep courses ($500 with books or eCourses up to $2,000 for classroom courses)
• Sport fees
• Summer Camps…

and the list goes on. But we forget.

We forget we paid for music classes or soccer for our kids, from the age of 3. So, we dismiss it. (Sunk costs.) But, we are investors! We have researched for hours on which tutor or company to hire or daycare to enroll our kids in. Now, we are about to make our largest educational investment decision: we are about to invest $5,000 – $65,000 per year of college! Money might be tight but you are an investor.

The part that surprises me is that after so much money invested in our kids and ourselves, we try to make a decision on college admission without asking for help from experts. High-school guidance counselors are free resources and I love them! We also have to recognize that most of them have many students and not enough time in the month or year to meet with everyone and create a tailor made plan. (By the way, one of the reasons that I write is that I want to share my lessons learned, and believe me – I did and I still do invest thousands in my own education. I am very passionate about this. In my book, The Pain-Free Path To College I give over 40 questions for students to prepare/bring to a meeting with a counselor!)

Parents losing sleep over finances, students worrying if their test scores or grades are “good enough” and then making a leap to wondering if THEY are good enough. I am taking a stand for our families and our children. They need a strong foundation for a life of success, not a life of stress. Let’s teach them together!

I am available to help. This is why I created Pain Free To College – seize this opportunity and book a FREE 30-minute session with me on Schedule Consultation

**Special Announcement**

On Thursday, December 7, 2017, at 1 pm I am launching program called The Pain-Free Path To College, where we will go from resumes and interviews to success! This program is IDEAL for current Freshmen, Sophomore and Juniors (9th-11th grade). We will have 3 monthly calls, and so much more. The program kicks off on January 10, 2018.
This is extra special because this holiday season, in the spirit of giving, I am giving away 5 scholarships which will cover up to half (1/2) of the price of the tuition for the program! (To be honest, this is a dream come true for me too, because I always wanted to be able to offer scholarships.)
What do you need to inquire and qualify for the program and the scholarship?

1) Schedule a time to speak with me by visiting

There are limited number of seats in the program. I work with families and prefer the group to be no more than 15 families.
This is a FREE 30 minute consultation.

2) Honor the appointment and speak with me for 30 minutes about your needs and dreams.

Because space is limited, I need to make sure that all participants fit well together.
I will be extending invitations to the course only to families/parents/students I personally speak with, so please book your time now for

Step #1!
The first five (5) families who commit to the program will receive the scholarship!
In the meantime, to make sure you don’t miss any further announcements, be sure to follow us on Facebook. You can ask questions in the group or by emailing me at

P.S. Below are some links to resources we provide to our members. Let us know how you’ve used them! We are happy to celebrate and share your successes! You can share them via email or on Facebook: PainFreeToCollegeFacebookPage

• If you are afraid to declare what you want to do/study or who you want to be, you are not alone. Check out our blog titled following your passion requires courage. PainFreeToCollege-Courage

• If you feel distracted and need to focus, check out our blog for the 5 Tips to regain your focus NOW PainFreeToCollege-Regain Your Focus

• If you have interviews coming up, check out our PF2C College Interview Tracker and Prep-Questions
Save yourself a copy on your Google drive and start using this template right away.

• If you need a resume for the applications/interviews, get yours done today in less than 1 hour! Create yourself a copy of our PF2C Resume Template and customize it with your information. This process would take less than 30 mins if you are organized.

• If you feel overwhelmed with the whole process, check out the Amazon Bestseller: The Pain-Free Path to College

This is NOT a typical book on how to choose a college or score high on a test. At 151 pages peppered with practical exercises and tips, this book will take you through the entire process in less than 24 hours.

The skills I share will set you apart not just during this college application process, but for the rest of your life.

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